Medicines and Drug Counseling

Medicines and Drug Counseling at Pharmacy Prisma Länsikeskus

When you need professionals' help with medications, come to us.

Are you wondering about taking medications, whether they are suitable for you, or some other matter related to prescription or over-the-counter medications? The professionals at Pharmacy Prisma Länsikeskus will help you with choosing medications, safe use, storage, and many other questions, including Kela (Social Insurance Institution) reimbursements.

As a part of the Lähiapteekki chain, you will receive high-quality expertise and friendly service from our branch. We aim to offer our help as soon as you step into our store, so you won't have to ponder over matters unnecessarily. We serve prescription customers with a queuing number system.

Please note that we also offer home delivery, if you are unable to visit us in person.


We Accept Medical Waste Free of Charge

You can bring expired and unused medicines to us free of charge. We will send them for hazardous waste treatment. This practice is based on the Medicines Act and the instructions given to pharmacies by authorities.

Please pay attention to the following when returning medicine waste.

When returning expired and unused medicines, please note the following:

  • Remove labels containing patient information and other instruction labels from medicine packages.
  • Pack medicines in a clear, sealed plastic bag.
  • Tablets and capsules in blister packs do not need to be removed from their packaging. If medicines are in glass or plastic jars, remove the medicines and sort the jars into their own collection points.
  • Keep liquid medicines in their original packaging and pack them in separate plastic bags.
  • Pack iodine tablets and other iodine-containing medicines in their original packaging into separate clear plastic bags.
  • Pack mercury-containing thermometers separately from medicine waste. If a mercury thermometer is broken, seal it in a tight glass jar, for example.
  • Pack syringes and needles in an empty plastic bottle, glass jar, or another impermeable package. Always return them separately from medicine waste.

We do not accept chemicals, hair spray cans, battery-operated thermometers or batteries, for example.

Do you need advice on returning medicine waste? Contact us or come and visit!

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Check the Availability of Your Medicine through the Medicine Search Service

We are part of the Medicine Search Service, through which you can check the stock status of the medicine you need at your chosen pharmacy. The service is user-friendly and, in addition to availability, it also informs about the interchangeability of the medicine. If you need guidance on how to use the service, we are happy to help!

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